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Coloma Charter Township Hall

4919 Paw Paw Lake Rd.

Coloma, Michigan 49038

269-468-7212/Fax 269-468-6503


The Coloma Charter Township Hall is open Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm excluding holidays.  For your convenience, there is a drop box in the lobby of the building that is open 24 hours.


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Residential Property Checks

Are you leaving on vacation or for the winter?

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Paw Paw Lake Restoration

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Coloma Charter Township Community Profile

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Berrien County Gun Range Information

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Coloma Charter Township Municipal Dashboard

Under the Economic Vitality Incentive Program or EVIP, the State of Michigan is requiring local units of government who receive statutory revenue sharing under PA 140 to create a Citizensí Guide to Finance and an internet performance dashboard.  Our dashboard may be found by clicking the Read More link below or by clicking Coloma Township Municipal Dashboard 

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