Coloma Township's Open Hours Are: 9am-4pm Mon.-Fri.

Building Inspector
Jim Fulton  269-468-7212 

Electrical Inspector
Ron Ketelhut 269-468-5341

Plumbing Inspector
Ken Benjamin 269-876-2272

Mechanical Inspector
Walter DeVisser 269-427-7543

Zoning Administrator
Kevin Kutscher
269-468-7212 Ext 1015

Building & Structural Plan Reviewer
Jim Fulton

Township Assessor
Kevin Kutscher 269-468-7212 Ext 1015

Freedom of Information Officer
Coloma Charter Township -Apryl Watson 269-468-7212 ext. 1010
Coloma Township Police Department Tracy Tavolacci 269-468-8291

Ordinance Officer
Jeff Krolzick 269-468-8291

Township Attorneys

Bauckham, Sparks, Rolfe, Lohrstorter & Thall, P.C.
Attorney Catherine Kaufman

Attorney Jessica Fette

Barnes & Thornburg, LLP
Attorney Keith Brodie and Attorney Scott Dienes

Foster, Swift, Collins & Smith P.C.
Attorney Michael Homier

Fahey, Schultz, Burzych, Rhodes, PLC

Township Auditor
Gabridge Co.

Township Planning Consultants
Williams & Works, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Township Civil Engineer
Fleis & Vandenbrink Engineering, Inc.