Authorized Contractors

Building Inspector Butch Kelley 269-468-7212 Ext 22
Electrical Inspector Harold Voorhees 269-468-7212 Ext 23
Plumbing Inspector Thomas Van Niel 269-463-6977
Mechanical Inspector Walter DeVisser 269-427-7543
Township Assessor Kevin Kutscher 269-468-7212 Ext 15
Township Attorneys

Bauckham, Sparks, Rolfe, Lohrstorter & Thall, P.C. - Attorney
Ken Sparks
Troff, Petzke & Ammeson - Attorney
Charles Ammeson
DeFrancesco and Dienes Law Office, P.C. - Attorney Scott Dienes

Township Auditor Plante and Moran, Attn:  Sharon Vargo
Township Planning Consultants Williams & Works, Grand Rapids, Michigan


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Authorized Contractors
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